Famous Last Words

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  1. While poets may not always experience the most poetic of deaths, many mark their final moments with the most lyrical, memorable, funny—and occasionally mysterious—last words. Check out this list of famous last lines from historic poets and the strange, sad, and interesting tales that accompany.
  2. Both he and the rest of Supertramp separately continued on, but " Famous Last Words" was the last big fame for both of them. While this album does have a couple of mediocre tracks (believe it or not, so did Breakfast In America), the songs that do shine, shine brightly and darkly with early 80's perfection/5().
  3. The famous last words in the gallery above serve as an apt reminder that no one, not even the larger than life, can predict their end -- or for that matter, know exactly what they will say upon their dying breath. After reading these famous last words, check out Author: All That's Interesting.
  4. Jul 28,  · Famous Last Words is a very unique and gripping story. It’s about a serial killer who kills upcoming actresses through acting out movie scenes. Willa just moved to LA with her mom and step dad, but as soon as she moves into his house she starts being haunted/5().

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