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  1. From their inception back in ’til today Astral Sleep have crafted epics of psychedelic doom, death/doom metal, and to the point that even their first demo (‘ Astral Sleep ‘, ) is worthy enough of consideration as an album by most standards.
  2. Jan 20,  · The goal of the astral traveller is to keep their mind awake while their body goes into deep sleep. Meditation is one of the ways that people traditionally do this. But there is a faster, more convenient way of doing it.
  3. When you astral project, your astral body (an exact energy replica of your physical body) travels and explores the world, leaving your physical body behind. Your physical body has to be in a state of deep relaxation before your astral body can detach itself from it. Which is why you naturally astral project when you're asleep.
  4. Mar 07,  · The Astral Circle loves to provide you high-quality content for deep sleep and meditation. Our content is directed to all the people that are interested in Solfeggio frequencies, Binaural beats.
  5. May 13,  · The difference between unconscious astral travel when asleep and dreaming; and practiced astral projection, is that with conscious astral projection you are able to .
  6. Astral Sleep is an Experimental Doom Metal band from Finland, Tellus. The group has wreaked havoc on the metal genre since and has released 5 recordings before "Astral .
  7. May 25,  · Astral Sleep is an experimental doom metal band founded in Over the course of its production, the band has become acknowledged for a cross-disciplinary approach that aims at narrating variable states of mind and spirit. Astral Doom Musick is the group's definitive creation that sets the frames for the artistic vision, entailing musical.
  8. Jun 05,  · • Black Metal • Finland • kbps 1. Destroy, Desecrate 2. Nothing But Death 3. Dark Clouds Gathering 4. B.

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