Forgive And Forget

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  1. Jul 25,  · The thing is, if someone tries to forgive and forget, it's possible they haven't really forgiven, because by the quick act of “forgetting,” they haven't fully processed the wrong they've been done. And acknowledging the wrong is essential to real forgiveness.
  2. Apr 18,  · Essentially, to “forgive and forget” is to act as if a painful situation never happened. While it is often said with good intention, to forgive and truly forget is an all-too-easy way to avoid conflict, both internally and externally. The problem with forgiving and forgetting is that people often forget first, and then forget to forgive.
  3. God says when He forgives that He "forgets" ("will not remember") our sins (Isaiah ). While God is all-knowing and does not literally forget anything, the idea is that He no longer holds against us sins He has forgiven. We cannot simply decide to "forget" sins or erase them from our memory.
  4. Forgive Yourself First. As the quote above from Tiny Buddha shows, you need to forgive yourself before you can forgive others. If you continue to relive the past, you will remain a hostage and never move on. You have to break free. Life is a journey, mistakes are only challenges, they are not fatal.
  5. In Forgive & Forget, Lewis B. Smedes show you how to move form hurting and hating to healing and reconciliation. With the lessons of forgiveness, you can establish healthier relationships, reclaim the happiness that should be yours, and achieve lasting peace of mind.4/5.
  6. "Forgive and forget" is kind of a tricky phrase. Many people think that to "forgive and forget" means we have to selectively delete the offense from our memories and pretend it didn't happen. Obviously, that's an impossibility, because our brains aren't hard drives or gig sticks we can just wipe clean, and pretending is just that—pretending.
  7. We have all heard the adage Forgive and Forget. The advice itself makes sense. When someone has done something wrong to us in the past, bearing a grudge will make all interactions later difficult.
  8. Forgive and forget. It’s a well-worn cliché — one that is easier to say than to practice. If you’re married, you’ve been there. Your spouse has said or done something that has wounded you.

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