Ebla - Various - Froots #8 (CD)

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  2. fRoots - Magazine label. Magazine covering international modern and traditional folk music with roots. Founded as quarterly fanzine 'The Southern Rag' in , went monthly as 'Folk Roots' in , abbreviated to 'fRoots' in See also Southern Rag Ltd.
  3. The Half Time Orangevarious artistsCD - Friends of the Fish promo CD8free with club members' March orders. The first members club exclusive compilation CD of will feature fourteen artists, six or seven of whom are probably making their first appearance on an FdM release (I say 'probably' as, after 11 years of releases and about artists darkening our towels, I tend to lose track occasionally).
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  5. from the album 'English Dream' nikokreegoltileshadowkiller.xyzinfo Grace - Cassiopeia, from the double album, 'Perpetual Motion' nikokreegoltileshadowkiller.xyzinfo Sugarman Band - The Wind Coloured Like Laughing Rainbows from the album, 'The Wind Coloured Like Laughing Rainbows' nikokreegoltileshadowkiller.xyzinfo William Urquart - Ballet Dancer from the album, 'A Recipe For Reverie’ Superfjord - Cut And Paste.
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