I Do Believe In You - Sugarcreek - Fortune / Rock The Night Away / Live At The Roxy (CD)

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  1. Fortune/Rock the Night Away/Live at the Roxy album lyrics by Sugarcreek. Full discography of Sugarcreek. [ Main ] [ Artists list ] [ Charts ] [ Genres ] [ Last added lyrics ] [ Artist/Group Album Song Song lyrics Advanced Search ].
  2. Ennesima operazione di ristampa in campo rock melodico commerciale. Questa volta ci pensa la label britannica Escape che si prende impegno di riproporre, ovviamente in versione rimasterizzata, tre albums ormai introvabili dei Sugarcreek e ce li confeziona in un elegante digipack triplo. Alcuni cenni storici riguardo gruppo e dischi. I Sugarcreek, band di Charlotte (North Carolina), si formano.
  3. Fortune / Rock the Night Away / Live at the Roxy, a Compilation of songs by Sugarcreek. Released 28 October on Escape (catalog no. ESM; CD).
  4. You're free to do the things you want But listen, so am I [Blake:] I made my choice [Sun:] And now I'm making mine Go where you need to Know I won't leave you I'll follow you like morning follows night You can run till your pain's through One thing I won't do Is to let you go alone to face the fight! [Blake:] Hard to know where to turn when.
  5. "Killertrax". Author: Kizsmeth. Standout tunez on good, bad or great albums. This list is and will be in progress for a long long time and even beyond. [Page 56].
  6. From: Rafo Phoenix Date: September 24, at Ok Sugarcreek is a Good AOR band, specially Rock the Night Away is a Great album(84 killer year to AOR), Fortune (82 decent)is a decent album, aca veo los gustos de la gente por ejemplo AOR freaky le encanta lo pomposo y albums de principios de 80, una vez se lo dije y se nego jaja, por ejemplo veo que aman Conquest for the Commoner que para.
  7. In (Live at the Roxy) and (Fortune), SUGARCREEK released 2 albums. Can you tell us something about those releases, please. How it started - - A band called "The Rivieras" was a very popular "blue-eyed soul band" in the Carolinas during the 60's.
  8. I dont know what it is, what caught me, I heard this EP yesterday, and on top of the fact that there is a dirth of talent, and almost no structure, I have always had a spot for dirty raw rock, this from the guy who wont even listen to an album if theres not a default of at least 80 Backing vocal.
  9. I wore out my cassette of Fortune and have been looking for years for a CD. "Rock the Night Away", the second cd in the collection is good too, it just doesn't have the same sound as "Fortune". "Rock the Night" leans more toward a "pop" sound, at times similar to J. Geils or Night Ranger, but still very enjoyable. The third disk "Live at the.

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